What can CRYPTOM do for you?

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm. As this happens, many new ideas are being made possible. However, as with anything that is so new, there aren't many people that can turn those ideas into functional products. At CRYPTOM, this is our speciality.

We provide Blockchain solutions and consulting for businesses. Ahead of more than 100 applicants, we recently were awarded a project from DIN called 'BlockOne' for blockchain terminology standardization and a blockchain notary use case. We have two current inhouse projects: EVMDB and FitBlitz. If you are an investor and would like to be involved in the future of our company, please contact us.

CRYPTOM Services


    Manage your data on the blockchain. The worlds first blockchain DB.

  • Consulting

    Providing solutions and assistance to those that want to get involved with blockchains.

  • Business Solutions

    We can help your business integrate blockchain technology into your business systems.

Let's see some projects!

Try out some demos of what we can offer and projects we're currently working on.
These demos run on a demo blockchain that is reset every day so feel free to play around as much as you'd like.

Who are we?

  • Craig Sailor

    Craig has worked in the technology field for over 20 years. He is experienced in software development, network solutions and database design. His current interests are blockchains, cycling and refurbishing vintage motorcycles.

  • Eyal Ron

    Eyal has a PhD in Mathematics from the Free University of Berlin. He has worked as a programmer since the age of 16 and is interested in blockchains, hackathons, hackfests, and has a popular Hebrew geek and science fiction blog.


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